~Claudio provides these iOS builds of ImageMagick. See his blog post or directly his github page

Compiled downloads

You can grab the latest compiled ImageMagick directly from ImageMagick's archive or any mirror. There is always 2 packages for the compiled ImageMagick: The first one includes headers and compiled libraries that have been used to compile ImageMagick. Most users would need this one.

ImageMagick compiling script for iOS OS and iOS Simulator

To run the script:
where VERSION is the version of ImageMagick you want to compile (i.e.: 6.8.1-0, svn, ...) This script will compile ImageMagick as a static library to be included in iOS projects Support for: Upon successful compilation a folder called "IMPORT_ME" will be created on your "~/Desktop": you can import it into your XCode project

XCode project settings

After including everything into XCode please also make sure to have these settings (Build tab of the project information): On the lower left click on the small-wheel and select: Add User-Defined Setting

Sample project

A more or less updated project can also be downloaded. I don't update the library in it too often, but it does give an idea of all the settings and some ways to play around with IM in an iOS application. Get it here!